Pascal Niggenkemper

German-french PASCAL NIGGENKEMPER is bassist based in New York. He
started to play the violin and the piano from early years. Being
introduced to Jazz and African music he switched to the bass.

In 1999 he moved to Cologne where he studied jazz and classical
double bass at the Hochschule für Musik. From 1999 to 2005 he was part
of the music scene and played with a wide variety of musicians.

He co-leaded the audio visual dance project Turbo Pascale. This
formation toured Germany, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and
France, as well as appeared at Festivals such as the Moers Festival,
Jazzmesse “Jazzahead Bremen“ and the "WDR Jazznight" with live radio
broadcast on WDR Radio.

In 2005 Pascal Niggenkemper was granted the DAAD Award and moved to New York.

It is in NY that Pascal met Tyshawn Sorey and Robin Verheyen and
formed the PNTrio. The trio recorded the CD "pasàpas" (Konnex 2008)
and “urban creatures” (JazzHausMusik 2010). PNTrio toured extensively
in Europe (Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria) They
performed at the Jazzcologne Festival and the Jazzherbst Konstanz.
Their performances were recorded for the WDR and the BR Radio. In June
2010 the Trio performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington.

With guitar player Scott DuBois and drummer Jeff Davis, Pascal formed
the group pascal’s newfield. The group toured in 2009 in Europe.

In cooperation with Jazzdor Strasbourg-Berlin, Pascal formed the
french-german septet vision7 ( Emilie Lesbros, Frank Gratkowski, Eve
Risser, Christian Lillinger, Els Vandeweyer & Frantz Loriot) that
performed at Jazzdor Strasbourg-Berlin and Vive le Jazz in Cologne and
Jazz à la Cité in Paris among others. A CD documenting their music
will be release soon.

With Simon Nabatov and Gerald Cleaver, Pascal released in September
2011 the CD/LP upcoming hurricane on NoBusiness Records which is
listed among 'ALBUMS OF THE YEAR' 2011 in the 'The New York City Jazz

He is working on a new trio called wanderlust with Tatsuya Nakatani
and Darius Jones performing regularly in New York.

Pascal is also co-leading the groups: baloni with Joachim Badenhort
and Frantz Loriot (CD ‘fremdenzimmer’ Clean Feed Nov 2011) a duo for
two prepared basses with Sean Ali called PascAli (CD ‘suspicious
activity’ creative sources September 2012) as well as the trio

With friends, he curates in NY the house concert series ze couch,
where every month artists meet to present their work.

He is a member of Thomas Heberer’s Clarino (CD ‘klippe’ Clean Feed
Sept 2011 & ‘cookbook’ red toucan 2012), Gerald Cleaver’s Black Host,
Joe Morris abstract forrest, Joe Hertenstein’s HNH (HNH on clean feed
2010) and polylemma (CD polylemma on red toucan 2011), Carlo Costa’s
Minerva (CD ‘saturnismo’ between the lines 2011) and Jean Carla
Rodea’s Azares, Alan Bjorklund’s Amygdala History Lesson,  Joachim
Badenhorst’s Carate Urio Orchestra,  Douglas Bradford’s :atlas
obscura, Jean-Brice Godet’s Mujô .

Festival presence includes: Vision Festival New York, Umbrella
Festival Chicago, Strade del Cinema Aosta, Jazzcologne, Jazz à la Cité
in Paris, NewAdits Klagenfurt, Font New York, Vive le Jazz Cologne,
Jazzdor Strasbourg-Berlin etc...



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