Sarah Elgeti


These headlines are just a few of the enthusiastic presscomments about the Sarah Elgeti Quintet. - Not least regarding the new album "Into the open", which was chosen "CD of the Month" by Danish Musicians Union. The release concerts were played before a packed house and dazzled the audience as well as the press.

Saxophonist and flutist Sarah Elgeti, who in 2011 was Danish Music Awards nominee an in 2008 received the Holbæk Jazz Award, has composed the quintet's repertoire which is contemporary jazz that combines the lyrical expression of the powerfull and expressive. Together, the tracks are a very personal story that is based on her upbringing in the former East Germany. Restlessness after the fall of the wall began an Odyssey that brought her to Turkey and later to Denmark by the age of 14.

The many different impressions of these journeys are reflected in the quintet's stylistic width: from beautiful ballads to groovy latin to bebop-inspired swing numbers with a splash of odd meters and Funk. Music-span reinforced by various combinations of wind instruments - soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone and flute.

"Sarah Elgeti truly appears as a talented Jazzmusician and Composer"

(Ivan Rod, Gaffa april 2011)

"You really get dazzled listening to (...) Sarah Elgeti truly appears as a lovely instrumentalist, she has a rich and beautiful sound, with a large harmonic knowlegde and an imaginative line."

(Jørn Skovsgaard, Jazzspecial, april/maj 2011)

"...Balm for the ears ... the audience must not make an effort - simply enjoy"

( Stralsunder Ostseezeitung, Feb.2008 )

"Vibrant and intense interaction"

( Venstrebladet )

"Playing joy and skills, and travel in the infinite musical freedom country"

( Schweriner Volkszeitung, Feb.2008 )

"Even Jazz Police were satisfied!"

( Ostseezeitung, Feb.2008)

Members of the Quintet:

  • Sarah Elgeti: Soprano and tenor saxophone and flute
  • Marianne Markmann-Eriksen: Alto and baritone saxophone
  • Christian Bluhme: Guitar
  • Morten Ankarfeldt: Bass
  • Janus Templeton: Drums








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